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"If you drink regularly, its really a must..."

- Adam V. Vibrant House Decor Customer

This 1 Pack Breathalyzer Pro. Is highly accurate & sensitive. It is effectively used to measure concentration of the alcohol in the human body. It can quickly give a result to help you determine whether you can drive or not. Each pack comes with 12 mouthpieces.

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Breathalyzer Pro - Lightweight & Quick Results

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Ever had some drinks at a house party or dinner at a restaurant? 

The reoccurring question is: "Am I good to drive?"

Let's make that question easier for you to answer!

Your new Breathalyzer Pro is highly accurate & sensitive. It is effectively used to measure concentration of the alcohol in human body. With a sensitive semi-conductor sensor, this portable breathalyzer can quickly give a result to help you determine whether you can drive or not. It comes with a built in auto energy saving power-off functionality. It is powered by 2 x AAA batteries, this breathalyzer will automatically shut off to save power 5 seconds after finishing the test. Each time you install batteries, you can test more than 200 times. It's lightweight sleek design allows it to fit perfectly on your keychain. It is pocket size and easy to hold, enabling you to take it anywhere & anytimeThis alcohol breathalyzer has a large LCD screen with orange background Light. It is convenient for you to use this alcohol breath at night.

  • Highly Accurate, Fast & Sensitive
  • 12 New Mouth Pieces
  • Pocket Size
  • More than 200 tests per battery
  • large LCD screen
  • 1 Breathalyzer


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    Breathalyzer Pro - Lightweight & Quick Results

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    I am so glad I bought this breathalyser

    I read a lot of reviews discussing inaccuracy so here are some things that are need to know when using a breathalyzer.. first and foremost a breathalyzer IS NOT ADMISSIBLE IN COURT as valid proof of DUI (for those that have been nailed before.) only field sobriety test i.e. walking in a straight line, holding one leg elevated, etc is grounds for arrest. that's coming straight from a DUI lawyer. secondly if you test a breathalyzer immediately after taking a drink, it will read higher than your actual BAC because it is picking up the immediate alcohol content within your mouth too. (tested this theory myself 0.00 clean, .12 right after sipping a light beverage, and .06 after rinsing my mouth out and having 3 light beverages over two hours.) thirdly if you drank on an empty stomach vs after eating, alcohol will metabolize faster and at a higher level than if you have eaten where it will also digest/have slower lesser effects in the blood stream. I purchased this device as a cheap insurance simply for days out because one can be cognitively perfect yet still blow over a .08 (legal limit) and despite it not being admissible in court, it's still grounds for arrest and a DUI is a nightmare. i speak from experience when a GSP cop arrested me TOTALLY SOBER but claimed i refused the breathalyzer when I didn't refuse at all. so screw it. ill keep a law enforcement grade one with me. Im happy with my purchase and should i ever read above .08 on a day out with friends, i can happily pay for extended parking and get a ride home without worry. $125 is a lot better than $7k-$10k in lawyer, jail, and court fees plus having your license suspended. But i cannot stress enough, be safe, and if you have more than 4 drinks per hour, just get a ride period. please be safe everyone. nothing wrong with having a good time, just don't drive after too many. God bless.

    Great tool to reverse denial.

    Another way to state an addicts denial is," the addict looses the ability to self evaluate." This tool give a numerical readout that can be used to help one to realize the real degree of impairment.

    Excellent product

    This product is going to keep you out jail. You can drive knowing you are in good condition.

    Assume accurate

    This unit is very accurate as I tested it looking to try a drink with an expected result of .05 which is exactly what I got 20 minutes after I stop drinking and the other unit was still registering .

    I am so glad I bought this breathalyser

    I am so glad I bought this breathalyser. Why? I shall explain...
    When buying a breathalyser, it really only has one job: accuracy. Any inaccurate breathalyser no doubt does more harm than good. I needed a breathalyser. A combination of my industry having many alcohol-infused social outings combined with the fact that any driving offence would render my career over. I just simply could never drink-drive, ever. So, the breathalyser sat in my glove box, and if I was ever over (or close to), there was no driving for me.
    Now, the accuracy, It just so happens in my industry (in my role) we were in charge of breathalysing participants on a regular basis. Due to the high-risk nature, we had to ensure all participants were 0.0. We used an incredibly expensive breathalyser worth around $1500 (police standard) that had to get recalibrated every six months.
    So, I used to have a few drinks, try our professional breathalyser, and then try my BacTrack. The results? Pretty well much identical. Typically, when one would read .031, the other would read .032 (if not exactly the same number). They would be very, very close. That gave me the confidence that the breathalyser is that accurate.