Cool Gadgets

Looking for a way to illuminate your home, protect your pets, or evict rodents and other pests at a discount? If so, then there is something for you in the Cool Gadgets section. We have cool products such as the motion sensor toilet lights that can help you locate the toilet during those late night toilet runs. Ultrasonic Pest Reject can irritate & evict the pests by utilizing intolerable sound waves that are undetectable by humans and pets. Browse the cool gadget section and bring value to your home today at a discount!

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AntiMosquito Pro Wristband - Powerful & Effective
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Rodent Repel Pro - Solar Powered & Effective
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LED Head Lamp Pro - Ultra Bright & Waterproof
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Guitar Mount Pro - Lightweight & Flexible
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Facial Pore Cleanser 2.0 - Fast & Easy